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As sunset falls in Valle Escondido Preserve, the forest and it's nocturnal animals truly awaken. 

Valle Escondido Preserve was one of the forerunner Night Tours in Monteverde, starting 18 years ago. It is still one of the best, due to the authenticity of the nature experiences, and having nationally certified guides. 

Tours include transportation to and from your hotel.

To book a tour or make an inquiry, scroll down the page and send us a message. We'll email back with a confirmation asap. Alternatively, you can call us directly.


Valle Escondido is fortunate to have a spectacular view from the garden in front of the Night Tour, over the Pacific ocean. Visitors arriving early can enjoy complimentary popcorn as they watch the sunset over the gulf. 


In addition, once the tour is over, Night Tour guests often wish to linger in the atmospheric open-air restaurant for dinner or drinks to complete their magical evening. 



5.30pm - 7.30pm

Adult: $25

Student: 23

Kids: $15

Nationals: $17

Private: $45



Don't forget your complimentary popcorn!

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Fundamentally people enjoy experiencing the beauty of natural environments; in fact, we are nature.  We believe that people if given the opportunity, will protect natural environments and engage in regenerative practices to support life on earth. As a tourist destination, Valle Escondido inspires visitors to remember we are nature.

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50 meters south of the Monteverde Butterfly Garden

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