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Trip Advisor Reviews

Hidden Gem!

We stumbled upon this small piece of heaven and were so lucky to meet the guy who runs the place. He showed us around, taught us about the native wildlife, and was super cool and knowledgeable. Definitely worth stopping by. Super affordable and you see monkeys, birds, and ground mammals in a relatively short amount of time.

The hammock garden was a highlight. Multiple hammocks strung on trees in the dappled and full shade where you can watch the butterflies and birds in their habitat. We saw blue morphos and many other kinds; so much more spectacular to see herein the wild than in the still worthwhile but touristy butterfly garden next door.

The trails are the best we experienced in more than six days, well maintained, clearly marked, and taking us to many scenic highlights. We spotted a troop of capuchin monkeys that were very inquisitive, even pulling my wife's hair when she wasn't watching. Map and signs are great as were the trail descriptions. The hammock garden was a great half-way point for a bit of relaxation.

The night tour was interesting with sleeping bird sightings, agoutis, 'headlight' beatles and a lot of interesting insects, especially the scary tarantula which our guide gently coaxed to the nest entrance. Very informative and the guide was very knowledgeable. Spoke to the owner and were impressed by environmental commitment which was evident throughout the whole preserve. Highly recommend.

Magical! The night tour was delightful, with sightings of sleeping birds and small mammals and insects and an excellent guide . . . . but even better was our exploration of the whole preserve during the daytime: amazing vistas, magnificent vegetation, a great walk.

Tons of birds and other wildlife! We did a guided night hike at this private preserve and it was worth it! We saw at least a dozen sleeping birds, including some at short range (a few feet!), agoutis (a small mammal), a small tree mouse, and an assortment of frogs, insects and spiders. Our guide was competent and knowledgeable.

Exceptional night tour! 

The night tour with Mauricio was outstanding! We each got our own flashlight and we all worked together to find creatures throughout our hike. Most people in our group spotted at least one animal on their own and Mauricio provided more information about some of our discoveries. It was amazing viewing monkeys, lizards, spiders, snakes, and various types of insects. 

Valle Escondido Preserve & Monteverde Inn


50 meters south of the Monteverde Butterfly Garden
+506 2645 5156 | +506 2645 6601

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