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The hope of Valle Escondido, whether guests come to the farm, hotel, café, night walk or preserve is that they leave with a positive experience that could potentially influence a stronger connection to nature and sustainable practices. Valle Escondido believes that fundamentally people enjoy nature, supporting that connection is part of our mission. We believe that people, if given the opportunity, will work towards sustainable practices and preservation of natural environments.

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Valle Escondido Preserve offers a completely unique experience of nature in the Monteverde area. Secluded on the edge of a pristine valley and yet at a walking distance from the town centre, the preserve trails pass streams, waterfalls and primary and secondary forest.  Many types of wildlife can be seen from the trails or spotted from one of the viewing platforms, which also provide amazing vistas of the gulf of Nicoya and Pacific Ocean.

Bordered by land in conservation, Valle Escondido is placed within a natural corridor which protects endangered species such as the margay, olingo, bellbird and quetzal. You can also find the agouti, kinkajou, armadillo, two toed sloth, white-faced monkey, grey Fox, prehensile-tailed porcupine, bats, and numerous reptiles as well as many species of insects and birds living amongst the tropical vegetation. 

We invite you to walk the trails of the preserve or relax on a bench or hammock to experience the unpaired peace and tranquility found in the preserve, natural gifts which set it apart from other highly visited parks. Daily admittance is limited in order to avoid overcrowding or disrupting the habitat and all infrastructure design has been done within the ethics and principals of permaculture. We have four key areas of permaculture design, check out the 
Hidden Valley Farm website for more details.


At Valle Escondido Preserve, our priority is the conservation of the natural habitat, an intention that led us to plant over 1500 endemic trees since 2015 and keeps us working on a number of sustainability projects that include reforestation, permaculture design and regenerative land stewardship efforts.

Visitors can explore the trails at their own leisure, or book a professionally guided BIRDWATCHING or WILDLIFE Tour. The daily NIGHT TOUR is also not to be missed!

We also have an open air cafe with spectacular views and delicious affordable snacks and meals in which you can relax and replenish after your hike or tour. Alternatively, order a custom-prepared picnic basket to take to one of our garden and picnic table areas. Check out Cafe Escondido here.


Daily 6am - 4.30pm

Entry is free to hotel guests.


"Valle Escondido Preserve protects 40 acres of land in Monteverde offering inspiration, enjoyment and education to visitors coming to experience and learn about the rich biodiversity and ecology of this region of Costa Rica."

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